Team iBike

Sponsors story

The team’s goal is to get as fast as possible.  Along the way, we plan to inspire and help others achieve.  The best products and partners play a huge role in making our dreams reality.  The logos we associate with are top end products with unique histories aligning with the same goals.  Become the best we can be and help others do the same.  Together we are more!  Every sponsor is chosen to add something to the team that wasn’t there without them.  Every year the team gets stronger because our supporting sponsors remain behind our efforts!


Team History

It all started from a local shop with a desire of making a bigger impact.  The team has transitioned from trendy fixie riders, to street racers, to amateur racers, and some riders are getting closer to the pro levels every day.

Over the years our team riders have raced some of the biggest races in the world!  At the same time we remain an active part of the local community by organizing  bbq rides, races, fundraiser events and more.

If the team could be summarised in one phrase it would be ‘Together We Are More’.  Every year we get bigger, stronger and deeper.  Every new rider adds something to the team that wasn’t there without them.  The growth will continue!

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