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Josh Tyrell iBike
Josh Tyrell iBike

Go fast, take chances!

The trip to NYC from Canada for the Red Hook Crit (RHC) in Brooklyn has always been an adventure for the Canadian fixed gear community. Groups of riders have been making the trip every Spring since 2012. It is still cold weather in Canada at the time of the race in NYC and ends up being the first race of the year for many Canadian riders. However, it is not the first race of the year for Mr. Josh Tyrrell as he now has the opportunity to travel the world racing his Undefeated frame set from State Bicycle Co. Josh has become the standard for high level fixed gear racing in Montreal and Canada.

He is chill, collected, and knows what it takes to be an elite level rider. Enjoy the short documentary film about the annual trip to the RHC and what it takes to be competitive in the growing world of Fixed Gear Crits!

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